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basic english

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Conrad and his sister will sing a duet in the concert.

Which one of the following sentences is an accurate statement about the sentence?

A. The sentence has no object.

B. The sentence has a compound subject.

C. The verb in the sentence is in the present tense.

D. The pronoun his is an object pronoun.

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    We'll be happy to check your answer.

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    i think its c but im not for sure.

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    Nope. The verb is "will sing," which is in the future tense.

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    Thanks for deleting my post- I found out 'will sing' is the future tense.

    So A and C are wrong.

    Can't be D, because there are no object pronouns.

    It is B, because it has two pronouns - Conrad and his sister

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    Jim, if you're going to respond to other students, please be sure that your answer is correct. It is b, but not for your reason. The sentence has a compound subject >> Conrad and sister.

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    I meant compound subject, sorry.

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    B. is Correct

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