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The question is "Evaluate the effectiveness of this action"

The action was the government appologizing for Chinese Head Tax. Not only did the gov't appologize , it also gave symbloic payments to those affected by the head tax.

Then it says "does it consider the perspectives of all stakeholders"

Im guessing that the stakeholders are the chinese people.. but what do they mean by their perspectives ?? I have no idea how to answer this question please help !!!

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    Read these sites, especially the comments at the end of the second site.

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    I agree that the primary stakeholders are the Chinese people.

    Their perspectives would vary, wouldn't they? Wouldn't people who live in cities have different perspectives from those who live in villages or on farms? Wouldn't people who have more money have different perspectives than those who are barely scraping by? What other perspectives can you think of?

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    Thanks ! Both of your responces helped answer my question ! :)

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    You're welcome.

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