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I urgently need you to check these other examples. I can't find a good example with " The swan glides.../The swan hisses ..." Could you help me?

1)You will be asked to walk, trot and canter your horse around the ring.
2) The lion pounced on its pray.
3) The rabbits hop in the grass.
I could see frogs hopping in the pnd.
4) A snake slithered in the grass.
The mouse scurried away when he saw a cat approaching.
5) The ballad is rich in figures of speech.

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    In 3 -- "pond"

    Everything else is fine.

    The swan glides under the bridge from the lake into the river.

    The swan hisses at the dog that gets too close.

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    2) prey, not pray

    3) pnd = pond

    For the swan: floats, sails, trumpets, whoops, swims


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