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I need you to check these expressions.

1) Don't keep/leave them waiting outside. Try to hurry up.
2) I suggest your going to the chemist's.
3) In my town there are two chemist's, a tobacconist's and two cafes.
4)He excused my arriving late.
5) The technician got/had this machine going in no time (I need to rephrase got/had).
6) I always delayed his going to the dentist's (I don't think it is possible but I need to provide an example with delay + possessive adjective+ gerund and pardon + possessive adjective+ gerund)
7) Beside being friendly, she is also generous.

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    1. (either verb works)

    2. better: I suggest you go to the chemist.

    3. In my town, there are two chemists, a tobacconist, and two cafes.
    In my town there are two pharmacies, a tobacco shop, and two cafes.

    4. OK

    5. The technician got this machine going in no time.

    6. The student delayed his arrival by purposely missing the 8:00 train.

    Before the murderer could be executed, the governor pardoned him for his crime.

    7. OK

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