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Should Americans compaines refuse to do business in countries that do not pratice democracy?

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    That would sure shoot our imports, exports and loans from China.

    Look at where your clothes are made. Are they made in countries that practice democracy?

    What do you think?

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    exactly I feel as if its not right and they shouldn't. but they do and does happen. So if American compaines didn't then we would have nothing. Everything is imported now from overseas

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    I think it's rather arrogant to expect other countries to have the same form of government as the U.S.

    We were successful in our boycott of South Africa when they practiced apartheid -- but that was a system that was cruel and denied a large part of its people any rights. That boycott was effective and finally encouraged S.A. to abolish apartheid.

    However, I don't think boycotting countries simply because they are not democratic would be effective and probably would not bring about any changes.

    On the other hand, if produced most of our goods in the U.S., it would produce more jobs and perhaps strengthen our economy.

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    Yes it would create more jobs and strengthin the economy, I feel that would be better than engaging with a country when it violates democracy, its the same thing as your enagaing in it, in my opinion.

    So I feel that American companies should refuse to do business in countries that routinley practice discrimination and that tolerate or even encourage the abuse of children

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    Those are excellent ideas.

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