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Hello, I am writing a film analysis on the film Heathers. I am doing a Character analysis on Heather Chandler, and I wanted to say she is at the top of her hierocracy but I wasn't sure if that made sense if anyone gets what im trying to say plz help

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    I doubt if rule by clergy is what you mean.

    What are you trying to say?

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    no you are right that's not what im trying to say what I want to say is thay she is dominant over the whole school

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    Heirocracy? An Ecclesiastical government? Heather Chandler at the top? You have to be kidding. She was cruel, very ungodly (she ruled by intimidation and "sex appeal").
    So heirocracy is NOT what she was top of.

    She was a pack leader, often pack leaders are outlandish (the red crunch) in dress, behavior, and mouth (remember her potty mouth?)

    This movie is R rated. Shame on you.

    Now for the film analysis, character analysis. I would have focused on JD or Veronica, but Heather Chandler is easy: a leader by intimidation.

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    I think you mean hierarchy:

    Better ~ ... at the top of the pecking order.

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    It is an assignment

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