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Typical of ballad "lord randall" omits details and ends with half the strory told. do you think the young man's lover poisned him? why or why not. what other questions in regarding the plot are left unanswered?

MY ANSWER: Using dialogue and passion, this ballad succeeded in showing its major themes, love and betrayal. Lord Randall, a passionate lover, was poisoned by his "true-love." the ballad provided different kinds of hints to show this betrayal. In stanza 2, we know that Lord Randall had dinner with his sweetheart in the woods. The readers later realize that the food was poisoned because Lord Randall's dogs ate the leftovers and they died. In the 5th stanza, Lord Randall comes to admit the sad truth, "O yes! I am poisoned..." Lord Randall finally becomes sick in the body and "st the heart" as her betrayal is revealed. As a reader, I keep asking " Why would she do something like that?" .


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    The ending is open to interpretation, but if she didn't eat and did poison him, perhaps she had another lover?


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    How is the word dear used differently by Edward and his mother in “Edward, Edward”? How do you interpret this difference?

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