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I just wanted to know which alternatives are better. Thank you very much for your help.

1)I hate doing shopping OR the shopping”?).
2) I do some football OR I play football).
3) I like reading war and car books OR war books and car magazines (?) and collecting model cars.
4)In front of and next to my house there are two vineyards while behind there is a field and on the right there is a street. I can see all my town from here (there?) . It’s a very hot and sunny place in the summer.
5)I go to school in London/to London.
6) If your next subject (lesson?) is chemistry or biology, go to the labs.

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    1. I hate shopping.
    I hate doing the shopping.

    2. I play football.

    3. ...books about war and car magazines...

    4. comma after "my house"
    The first sentence is too convoluted. Make it into 2 sentences.

    5. ... in London.

    6. If your next class is chemistry...

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