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Sorry to repost this. I am still a bit confused of the last post.

No Man is an Iland: "any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind"

My teacher asked me for my opinion, is the quote true and I answered yes. Now I need proof to back up my opinion. I need to find an example of how deaths from a place affect somewhere else, other places.

Please Help and Thank you =)

  • English 12 (URGENT!!!) -

    Answered yesterday.


  • English 12 (URGENT!!!) -

    As three of us have tried (apparently in vain) to tell you, there is no proof for this poem! It expresses an emotion, not a scientific fact.

    We've given you numerous examples of how any man's death diminishes me.


  • English 12 (URGENT!!!) -


  • English 12 (URGENT!!!) -

    can you explain it more in depth for tme then?

  • English 12 (URGENT!!!) -


    We've already given you our feelings and examples about this poem.

    Now it's YOUR turn. What are YOUR views? What do these words mean to YOU?

  • English 12 (URGENT!!!) -

    I already agree that any man's death deminishes me. I just don't know any examples happening today to back it up.

  • English 12 (URGENT!!!) -

    I can't find any examples happening today that one's death will affect other people in other countries

  • English 12 (URGENT!!!) -

    Examples would be OSAMA BIN LADEN

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