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I left out the following sentences. I really need your help. Please!

1) Analysts divide the Chinese capitals’ invasion into three categories:
A)government financial investments (CIC)
B)investments by wealthy individuals and private equity
C)corporate investments
2) China is trying to vary (diversify) the assets in portfolio through the purchase of European bonds.
This influx of money is the answer to the stability of the euro despite the crises affecting Greece, Spain and Portugal.
3) By investing in foreign firms Chinese banks are trying (first) to internationalize Chinese firms, (second) to provide services to European firms in China, and third to empower their capability on the financial market in places like London.
4) According to the Ecomist journalist ..., democratization will fail to bear its fruit(s) in China though the total wealth of the country has increased (is increasing) overwhelmingly.
5) China is not likely to turn into a democracy because of its leading position as oil-exporting country, its large land area and its tradition as very large party state.
6) One of the reasons for it political stability is due to its ability to carry out long-term stable political succession. Actually, the recruitment of new cadres has so far avoided (averted?) episodes of nepotism.

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    See your other post, then revise these and re-post.

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