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Here are some more sentences. "He" is always the narrator. Thank you.

1)To hide the old man’s body he cut off his head, arms and legs. After moving the bed aside he took three floorboards, secured the old man between the joints, and replaced the boards.
2) He was proud of himself because there was no blood to wash out.
At 4 a.m., just when he had finished his work, he answered a knock at his front door.
3)(The police were called to go to the house because of the loud noises. The crazy man finally confessed to the police when they were about to leave. He said that he heard the beating of the old man’s heart.)
4) When he opened it, three policemen entered, saying a neighbour had reported hearing a shriek and they needed to search the premises. .
5)After welcoming the police, he told them the shriek was his own; he had cried out during a dream. He also told them that the old man who lived in the house was away in the country.
6) Next, he took the police all over the house, inviting them to search everything thoroughly. After they entered the old man’s chamber, he pointed out that the old man’s possessions had not been disturbed. 7) In his swelling self-confidence, the narrator brought in chairs and invited the policemen to rest.

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    1. three commas needed

    2. OK

    3. crazy man = narrator? "he"?

    4. delete "it" and insert "the door" -- one comma needed

    5. OK

    6. OK

    7. delete "swelling" and insert "growing" -- "narrator" = crazy man??

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