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I've been given 20 sentences which I must revise so that the nominalizations are verbs and characters the subjects of those verbs, but can't quite figure it out. [nominalizations] and <characters>

1. [Attempts] were made on the part of <President Nixon's aides> to assert <his> [immunity] from a Supreme Court subpoena.

I think it starts off as "President Nixon's aides attempted to..." but that's all I have.

2. There were [predictions] by <members of the Administration> that the <nominee> would receive quick <committee> [approval]

I'm guessing "Members of the Administration predicted that the nominee would be approved by the committee", but again I'm not sure.

3. The <author's> [analysis] of our data omits any citation of sources that would provide [support] for <his> criticism of our argument.

This one I'm really stuck on.

So there you have it; if I can get help on these three I trust I will be able to figure the rest out.

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    Good start on #1; finish it and repost.

    #2 is correct, yes.

    #3 -- To turn "analysis" into a verb, use "analyze" (or "analyzes" or "analyzed").

    Give #3 a try, and repost.

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    This is what I've come up with:

    President Nixon's aides attempted to immunize the President from a subpoena.

    Members of the Administration predicted that the nominee would be approved by the committee.

    The author analyzed the data but he couldn't support his argument because he failed to cite sources.

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