Leadership and ethical decision making

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I need to review normative ethical theory and another theory and get an understanding of the relevance of ethical theories to current organizational situations

  • Leadership and ethical decision making -

    First of all, it seems to me you need to define your terms. Links in here may help.


    Once you have clear definitions, the rest should come more easily.

  • Leadership and ethical decision making -

    I am not so certain, Writeacher. I took a course on this many years ago, it fuzzed my thinking so much I had to go back to Sunday School and relearn Right from Wrong. Often, we study to such a degree and depth, that we forget that which we inherently know. At least that is my experience.
    Rationalization of wrong to be right, and right to be wrong is an old vice, recently taken on as an academic field in itself does let us speak from both hands, and both sides of our mouth.
    And we claim the younger generation is "confused". Oh well.

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