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Mr T's salary is $800 less than 3 times of his wife's salary. His wife's salary is 4/10 as much as his. how much is their total monthly salary?(non-algebra method pls)

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    W=4/10 T

    can you take if from here/

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    I'm sorry, I can't get it, pls help clarify. thanks

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    bobpursley had this:

    Wife's salary = W
    Mr T;s salary = 3W - 800

    then it said: "His wife's salary is 4/10 as much as his" ----> W = (4/10)T , again as bobpursley told you
    but T = 3W-800
    W = (4/10)(3W-800)
    times 10
    10W = 4(3W-800)
    10W = 12W - 3200
    3200 = 2W
    W = 1600
    then T = 3(1600) -800 = 4000

    check: is 1600 equal to 4/10 of 4000 ?

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