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Thank you very much for your corrections! I just wanted to know if I should evaluate these collocations as mistakes. I included some of the corrections myself.

1) Women had to provide an education to children. (Correction: provide someone with...)
2) Respectability consisted in having good manners.... (Correction: respectability involved possessing good manners..)
3) The father had to mantain the family (Correction: ... to provide for..)
4) The daffodils grow best under the shine of trees (correction: in the shade, under the trees)
5) Time is perceived subjectively / as subjective (both possible).
6) Drunk men (correction: drunken men, drunkards) were rejected.The poet remained amazed by the sight of thousands daffodils. Correction:
7) The poet was amazed by the sight of thousands daffodils.
Nature was seen in a pantheistic view.
(Correction: according to a pantheistic view/ Wordsworth saw nature according to a pantheistic view)

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    I have done these before -- please choose the 3 or 4 MAXIMUM that you truly question.

  • Maths -

    Without using tables evaluate 1+tan 60'/1-tan 60'

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