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In the book To Kill A Mockingbird, What is the most important life lesson that Jem and/or Scout learn?

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    The words "most important" are asking you for YOUR OPINION. There are many "life" lessons in this book. Which will YOU CHOOSE to write about?

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    Read through the themes and pick one.

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    i know that, i just wanted to get some ideas of what the life lessons are.

    & by the way how does that link help!

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    Each of those themes points to a "life lesson." Mostly, I think, your teacher wants you to choose one and then explain and defend your choice ... as "most important."

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    A life lesson is gaining knowledge about something that is true about life. Each of us hopefully learns these lessons and acts upon them throughout our life. Life lessons should guide us in our views and actions.

    The Sparknotes discussion of themes should help you choose what you think is the most important lesson that Jem and/or Scout learned.

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    Yes again i know that's what my teacher wants

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    I've read through it and still have nothing. So i don't know

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    I'm sorry.

    It's sad that you can't find an important lesson in this book.

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