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I was asked to articulate what I feel are good traits of effective organization, as well as describe how I think culture affects the ability to handel change. I replied with a 350 word response, in my response i stated the "...culturally responsive; this leads way to the ability to manage workforce diversity, which is an effective trait for any organization.

I was asked this " From your last organization, how would you explain culturally responsive?"

I want to say this, but am not sure on how it sounds...

In my prior organization the business used their cultural knowledge, earlier experiences, structures of position, and the performance and managing styles of ethnically diverse individuals to make progression and learning more effective and relevant in the business. Being culturally diverse allows the organization to grow together and to become culturally responsive.

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    ... the business used their ...

    You need to refer to humans in some way. A business itself cannot do these things.

    Everything else is terribly general and vague. You're using buzzwords without explaining them.

    If a student turned this in to me, I'd hand it back for revision, including specific examples.

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