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David is the 7th president of the club. How can I ask a question from this sentence,the answer of which is 7th?

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    Begin with the word "Which" and let me know what you come up with.

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    You give it a try, and I'll help you.

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    "which is david president of the club"
    is that what i want to do

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    Would your question get the answer, "the 7th"?

    Try again, starting with "Which president... ?"

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    no , i cant do it

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    the answer that you are going to tell me may be this - "which president of the club is David". but, does that give us an exact answer ?

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    Of course, the question doesn't give you the exact answer. What question does?

    That is the phrasing of the question, though.

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    but all other questions that can be formed from the above given sentence exactly give us answers.Can we ask it in any other way like "what is the chronological order of David's president-ship ?

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    Sure, you can ask it that way, too, but use "presidency" since "president-ship" isn't a real word.

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