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For my history class I have to do a research report about a social topic and I want to talk about cults. My teacher said to choose one and I chose Heaven's Gate. At first I was going to talk about the harmful effects of cults but after researching it, it was hard to find. A lot of it is a matter of opinion. So now I'm on the fence of what I should write about. What should my thesis statement be?

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    You've learned a lot already! :-)

    These sites will help you develop your thesis statement.



    After you've decided on your thesis statement, we'll be glad to comment on it.

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    I was thinking maybe it could be something like this:

    While the effects of a cult are a matter of opinion, it is important to realize that "mind control" is more of an unclear and incorrectly named reason for cult conversion.

    I don't know if this makes sense or maybe it should be more specific? I'm trying to say that mind control is not exactly true for cult conversion.

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    You wrote, "I'm trying to say that mind control is not exactly true for cult conversion."

    I think the bold part of what you wrote is the crux of what you're getting at. Please clarify the meaning of "true" for me, though.

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    Not true as in mind control is not a valid reason for cult conversion. Does that make more sense?

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    OK, let's make sure I understand. Let me know if I don't, OK?

    Something like this ~ mind control is not always a factor in a person's conversion to a cult.


    Brainwashing and other forms of mind control are not always needed in order for a person to decide to join a cult.

    I have trouble with the wording "valid reason" or "true" because I'm not clear on the "validity" or the "truth" -- on the part of the person joining the cult? or on the part of the person doing the recruiting? or ... ?

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