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Intro to logic

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1. Which is an example of an expressive use of language?

A) Others will say that we shouldn't even talk about cutting spending until the economy is fully recovered
B) I want you to know that one of the reasons I kept the government open was so I could be here today with all of you.
C) I don't need another tax cut.
D) None of the above

4. “The top 1% saw their income rise by an average of more than a quarter of a million dollars each. And that's who needs to pay less taxes?.’”
This statement is best described as a:

A) A synonymous definition.
B) A joke.
C) Drama/theatrical definition.
D) lexical definition.

6. “It's also why we have to use a scalpel and not a machete to reduce the deficit..” does this statement eliminates ambiguity? If yes,

7. List and define the 3 components of language?

8. “We recognize that no matter how responsibly we live our lives, hard times or bad luck, a crippling illness or a layoff, may strike any one of us. "There but for the grace of God go I," we say to ourselves, and so we contribute to programs like Medicare and Social Security, which guarantee us health care and a measure of basic income after a lifetime of hard work; unemployment insurance, which protects us against unexpected job loss; and Medicaid, which provides care for millions of seniors in nursing homes, poor children, and those with disabilities. We are a better country because of these commitments. I'll go further – we would not be a great country without those commitments.” This exchange is:

A) an obviously genuine dispute.
B) an apparently verbal but genuine dispute.
C) a merely verbal dispute.
D) not a dispute at all.

20. Below are examples of three different types of language from the President’s Speech. Is each example correct, If not explain why?

Directive: keep annual domestic spending low.

Expressive: And as long as I'm President, we won't.

Informative: It's an approach that puts every kind of spending on the table, but one that protects the middle-class, our promise to seniors, and our investments in the future.

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