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Linking and action verbs. I have 3 sentences not sure what the verb or linking verb is in them.
1. I am happy for my brother.
2. They are quiet in the library.
3. Aris grows flowers in her backyard.

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    1. I am happy for my brother.
    The linking verb is "am." It links the subject "I" with the adjective "happy."

    What do you think the verb or linking verb is in the other two sentences?

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    Two are linking verbs and one is an action verb.

    The subjects are I, They, and Aris. What do you think the verbs are?

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    I think are is a linking verb, and grows is the verb.

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    Right. Both are verbs, and "are" is a linking verb and "grows" is an action verb.

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    One more sentence to check. Writing is my favorite subjrect. Is "is" the linking verb?

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    I have one more to check: Writing is my favorite subject. Is "is" the linking verb?

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    Yes, in that sentence "is" is the linking verb.

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    I do have one more question. I had to write a sentence using a linking verb this is my sentence. My dog Sam is in the bathtub. Is this a correct sentence with a linking verb "is"?

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