History- Cold War

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Could someone describe how the conflict between the superpowers manifested itself in two of the following regions: Europe, Asia, and Latin America?

I am not really sure what it's asking and I don't know how to answer or what to answer. Please help me!

  • History- Cold War -

    Europe: Marshall Plan, Eastern and Western Europe, NATO

    Asia: Korean and Vietnam Wars; U.S. support of dictatorships to keep these countries from becoming Communist

    Latin America: Bay of Pigs, U.S. support of dictatorships to keep these countries from becoming Communist

  • History- Cold War -

    Thank you soo much! I really appreciate it. :) So what does the question mean exactly (or simply)? I was just wondering because I have to go into more detail for the answer. :)

  • History- Cold War -

    You're very welcome.

    The question is asking about events and situations occurred because of the conflict between the U.S.S.R. and the U.S.

  • History- Cold War -

    Ooooooh! Okay! :D Thank you again. I am going to look up more in my textbook for more detail to write about. Your answer really helped a lot! Now I know what to research. :D You are amazing. :)

  • History- Cold War -


    I'm not amazing. I've just lived a lot longer than you.

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