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I still have a few doubts on yesterday's sentences, especially on those concerning the use of the past perfect. I really hope you can see them.

1)His friends expect him to be discharged from hospital today.
He is expected (by his friends is correct?) to bee discharged today.
2) I've got two tests tomorrow. I wish I hadn't got (Is in British English possible?) two tests tomorrow.
3) Do you always make breakfast by yourself/yourself? (without the help of his parents)
4) Would you mind if I stopped working ten minutes earlier (not before)
Someone has eaten my sandwich.
5) My sandwich has been eaten by someone. (should someone be omitted in the passive sentence?)
6) People eat thousands of bars of chocolate every day. Thousands of bars of chocolate are eaten (by people should be omitted as in the case of personal pronouns?/Is chocolate bars possible?)
7) My dog was only six months (is "old" necessary?)
I can't do all the things (is "all the things" correct, all the housework, everyhing) myself.
8) I wish he hadn' to work at the weekend. (Correction: he didn't have to work)

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    Choose the 4 or 5 you REALLY need help with. Then repost.


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