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How do u say hello in German and Italian?????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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    Can someone please give me an answer without these dumb links? K cool thanks.

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    I'm so sorry that you can't be bothered to click on a useful link.

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    Guten Tag in German, sometimes Hallo. In Bavaria it is Gruss Gott

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    Our purpose is to HELP you but not to DO it for you. Providing a link for you was our way to HELP. What you DO is click on the link to get the answer yourself! Otherwise it is called “spoon feeding!”

    Believe it or not, another way to say “Hello” in German is “Hallo!”
    Guten Tag means “Good Day” and is often shortened to simply “Tag” for “Hello.”
    Guten Morgen means “Good Morning” and that also can be shortened to “Morgen!”

    If you are learning German, there are good sites on the Web and also dictionaries. Just ask.


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    Hello in German: Hallo
    Hello in Italian: Ciao

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