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I need help with these homework questions!!

1. if a young person aspiring to a career in environmental issues joins professional society he or she should be engaging in:
a. primary group behavior
b. cliques
c. anticipatory socialization
d. none of the above

2. the variable of social structure that lays the broadcast framework for determining the type of person we will become is ____
a. race
b. culture
c. social class
d. social status

3. what is formal organization?
a. a secondary group committed to achieving explicit goals
b. a secondary group involved in capitalistic activities
c. a primary group committed to achieving certain objectives
d. a primary group involved in capitalistic activities

4. Which is the most unstable of social groups:
a. electronic groups
b. dyads
c. triads
d. large reference groups

5. the Milgram study illustrates that:
a. bright people an avoid group pressure
b. people conform to the expectations of those perceived of as authority figures
c. leadership can be created by the situation
d. people do not naturally deviate

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    Oooops! You forgot to let us know what YOU THINK each answer is!

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    Oh I am sorry!! I think It goes but I am not sure!
    1. D
    2. D
    3. A
    4. C
    5. D

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    Amazing! I disagree with all of your answers.

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    What do you think they are?

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    The way this website works is this:

    You tell us what you think.
    Then we can tell what help you need and work with you on your answers.

    Please let us know what YOU THINK the answers are.

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