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What is the significance of Alexander Hamilton's financial program? How did Hamilton's financial program play a role in the creation of a two-party political system?

My response to the first was that he wanted to increase the nations finances and to make sure there would be continual financial fortitude.

For the second I would say that there were supporters (federalists) and opposers (republicans) which formed the two party political system.

I will expand on these answers in my paper to my instructor but wanted to see if I am right so far.

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    Hmmm. I think you are being intentionally vague.

    The significance is that his proposals would thrust the new national govenment into the role of acting as an economic focal point of the nation: banking, industrialization, and assumption of state and the federal debts. All this was going to give economic and political power to the new government.

    Some folks opposed this creation of a new power, they liked thing residing in the states just fine. THe two sides formed the new political parties which still are heard today.

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