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Can you please suggest internet sites where I can find fill-in-the-blank exercises to practice computer-related terminology. Thank you. Here are some more sentences I'd like you to check.

1) The family was conceived as a patriarcal unit.
2) Women had the function of rearing the children.
3) These rules of behaviour distinguished middle class people from lower class ones.
4) The education act made education compulsory for children between five and ten years old.
5) Through these two metaphors the town starts to look like a jungle.
6)The black soot affected people's health.
7)Kurtz is described (not was described) as a ruthless exploiter who gives (gave in to his desires)in to his desires.
8) The Education Act was passed (not passed?) in 1870.

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    Delete all in parentheses, and all sentences are fine.

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