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Do you think the time has finally come to redraft the 1876 Texas Constitution in order to meet the needs of the growing, 21sy century Texas.

Any input would be great.

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    Redrafting a state constitution is an expensive, time-consuming activity.

    What do YOU think needs to be changed? Are these changes worth the time and money to draft a new constitution?

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    Do you think Texas is capable of redrafting anything?

    Everyone would get into a fight about property rights, carrying guns, power of counties, power of state legislature, power of banks, power of insurance companies, power of cities to cross county lines, and power of counties to stop judges from forming new "cities".

    Well, it could add something to the TV news.

    Oh yes, abortion would be fought over, as well as county/school boards right to tax property.

    I personally don't think it can be done. They can't raise money as it is to pay for schools or police.

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    But people all over the state are allowed to form all kinds of itty-bitty or great-big districts (or some in between) in order to tax people even more!

    And then there are entities, such as Metro in Houston, which collect tax money but have no elected officials.

    I agree with Ms. Sue and Bob -- good luck getting Texans to agree on anything statewide anymore.

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