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Could you check my answers?
1. Alicia is planning a party for her friend. She plans to spend $73.00 for food, $39.50 for gifts, and $15.00 for decorations. She would like each guest to give her $13.00 to pay for these party expenses. What is the minimum number of people she should invite to cover the total cost of the party?
answer: 10

2. Bernie wants to decorate his new apartment with some plants. He notes the following prices: ferns $10.99, ivy $4.99, violets $5.99, lilies $18.99. How much would he pay if he buys three of each?
answer: $122.88

3.Paleontologists believe the Diplodocus dinosaur weighed about 24,000 pounds. The average person can lift 150 pounds. Approximately how many people would it take to lift a Diplodocus?
answer: 160

4. Marty has a list of prices for several different cleaning supplies. The prices are $3.67, $5.98, $14.26, $3.98, and $13.89. If Marty purchases all of the supplies, how much will he spend?
answer: $41.78

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    Yes they are all correct.

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