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What is the part of speech of can ride and for in the following sentence.

Jady can ride his new toy tractor now,for he is of restriction

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    Are you sure the sentence isn't written like this?
    Jady can ride his new toy tractor now, for he is off restriction.

    "can ride" is the main verb of the first main clause; "can" is the auxiliary (helping) verb, and "ride" is the base word that has the meaning.

    "for" is the conjunction joining the two clauses.

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    If you are asking about "can" it is the Present Indicative Tense of the verb "to be able."

    Sometimes if you can think of a synonym for a word, it will be easier to identify it. "for" = because. This word can have several functions: conjunction or preposition. If you have a good dictionary, you will find not only that but examples. This is a good time to do that, study the differences and choose one. Please post that for verification.

    May I suggest you do the same with "can" because (for) learning to use a dictionary is an important skill!


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    Information on auxiliary and phrasal verbs:

    Information on coordinating conjunctions:

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