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english LAC 1

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28. Which of the following sentences contains a shift in tense? (Points : 5)
Reading biographies helps you understand how the world works.
Once he had finished the book, he will write the report.
Sure, it is easy to dye clothes if you know how.
The sky was clear and blue, and suddenly it started raining.

29. Identify the sentence with the passive voice verb. (Points : 5)
Their apartment was small but very interesting.
Did you take that photograph with the digital camera?
Those old records may be worth a lot someday.
I can’t skate today because my skates are being repaired.

30. Identify the sentence with the active voice verb. (Points : 5)
The map was hidden behind a secret panel in the wall.
The stairs had been designed in the latter half of the nineteenth century.
Our winner will be chosen by the artists themselves.
Has anyone turned off the lights in the theater yet?

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