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Can you please check if everything is OK? I included your suggestions.Thank you so much.

1)I think you should use a Paracetamol suppository every 8 hours and stay in bed until the doctor comes.
2)I think you should take a dose of anti-inflammatory after main meals and a tablespoonful/teaspoonful of syrup before going to bed.)
3) I fell off the hose and I broke my right ankle. I had a cast on my leg for a month.
4) I tripped over a step, I fell off and sprained my ankle.
5) Serve the soup with a ladle. Use a rolling pin to roll out the dough.
Don’t take the lid off otherwise the courgettes will stick to the bottom of the pan.
6) The nurse gave me an injection and then she took my temperature. As I had diarrhoea the doctor prescribed a vial of milk enzymes to be taken on an empty stomach.
7) I’ve got rough hands because of the cold. I think you should rub some cream on them.

  • English -

    3 - house, not hose

    4 - period after "step"

    5 - semicolon after "off" and comma after "otherwise"

    6 - comma after "diarrhoea"

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