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I was hoping someone could look over my paper and tell me if I am answering correctly the questions below.

For patient billing to be operative, dependable financial procedures and policies need to be in order to clarify to the patients what is their responsibility to pay. Patients and staff members need to understand the acceptable financial policies so that everyone can know what is to be expected. In order for medical office financial policies to be effective they need to explain co-pays, the process of collecting deductibles and how to make payment arrangements for balances that have not been paid. Knowing what to do if accounts are past due, as well as services that the insurance will not compensate are needed to have an effective medical financial policy. Additionally, knowing how to account discounts or a sliding scale for low income patients and in certain cases prepayment will help the medical office. The financial policies will also contain the forms of payment accepted by the medical office. Brochures that contain how the office runs their billing process could be mailed or given out to patients by the medical staff as a way to help educate them on the billing process. There could also be signs that have been placed on the doors and windows of the office as means of educating patients. Medical staff could also educate the patients verbally explaining the billing process.
Patients should not be surprised by a bill for services or procedures that were performed by the office if the know what the medical office demands of them. If the patient has not been informed correctly, they will be affected adversely. An example could be a bill that comes in the mail stating that the patient has to pay for procedures that the insurance will not pay, might upset them. If that patient knew ahead of time that the insurance will not cover a certain procedure, they can decide whether they want to talk to the medical office to make payments for it or refuse to have it performed. When a patient makes an appointment, they should be asked about his or her insurance so that the patient and the medical office can know whether the insurance has been accepted and what might be required to pay. A patient might decide to look around for another medical provider that accepts his or her insurance for encase the medical office doesn’t accept that type of insurance. The easiest way for avoiding problems would be to make sure the sign with the payment information is large enough so that the staff and patients can read it without any problems.

  • hcr 230 -

    1. What questions are you supposed to be addressing?

    2. This needs to be divided into paragraphs. Anything that is written as one long paragraph demonstrates that the writer has little idea of organization or relationship of ideas.

    Please fill in the gaps and repost.

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