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1. Which of the following artists combined the emotionalism and realistic detail of two other Northern artists to achieve a personal style?
a. van der Goes
b. van Eyck
c. van der Wyden
d. da Vinci

11. The Renaissance began in
a. Florence around 1300
b. Rome around 1300
c. Florence around 1400
d. Rome around 1400


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    24. Michaelangelo studied anatomy and kept detailed sketchbooks about his observations- False?


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    #1 - What "two others"?

    #12 - correct

    #24 - incorrect

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    I don't know the 2 others. That's all it says.


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    If your text (do you have a text?) is not clear, read about each one here. You could very well be right, but without seeing what your text says, it's hard to say.
    Actually there are several named van Eyck, but Jan is probably the one referred to in your question since he's the best known.

    DaVinci was in Italy, so he was definitely not "a Northern" artist.

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