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Is there anybody who understands the Windows 7 system and some of its problems? I'm having a tough time with Control Panel because it takes a REALLY long time to load, and it should load for a second. I may have to uninstall some programs and/or delete some documents.

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    Documents usually won't make much difference. They're all pretty small in size.

    Programs, however, can really gobble up memory, especially if they are graphics-heavy. Go into My Computer and then check the properties on the OS drive (probably C:). How much free space does your hard drive have?

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    At least 428 GB.

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    Free space? Not total space? If that's free space, that should be plenty.

    You should wait for MathMate or another tutor with more experience with this type of thing. Since I never put those graphics-heavy programs on my computers, I don't have the problem!!

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    I think I would open up task manager, and see what is occupying CPU resources.

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    How much memory do you have?
    Here are some resource requirements, briefly:
    1+ GHz processor (not a problem these days)
    1+ GB memory
    Add 1 GB if you run XP emulation.

    (See officially from Microsoft:
    (Broken Link Removed)

    You have plenty of disk.

    If everything is OK, go with what M. Pursley suggested: check if the CPU is busy somewhere.

    Do you have a problem on boot-up, or whenever control panel is called for?
    On boot up, the CPU may be busy setting up network and a whole lot of other things.

    Was the disk (flashing red light) running when waiting for control-panel?
    If so, it may be thirsty for memory.

    If you are handy with opening the hood, you can try swapping the two memory boards. If things change, it may be a hardware problem.

    Finally, if you still have problems, post your config/specs.
    If you are using a high/medium-end graphics card, do not let Windows 7 search for drivers, install the custom graphics drivers instead.

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