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So, for my english class, I'll have to write a Short story ( Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling action Resolution )

I'd like the story to be around the theme of christmas or horror during x-mas.

So I need you guys to help inventing a story with a surprising ending. You don't have to write a text ofc but only a lil summary, an idea.

Example : John is in the middle of the end of the world. He sees his city destroyed by some aliens.Blablablablabla. He wakes up, it was only a dream.

That's a bad classic, but it has, ''somehow'', a surprising ending.

Thanks, show me some creativity.

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    Here's another classic story.

    Poor family stressing out because they have no money to buy Christmas presents. They're infected by the greed for more and more "stuff." Yet, they don't have the money even for a decent Christmas dinner. It looks like a disastrous Christmas until they go to a soup kitchen, eat a meal, and stay to help serve others. In that way they find the "true spirit of Christmas."

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    Ms. Sue's idea is FAR better and more in keeping with the idea of Christmas. Combining horror or surprise endings with Christmas doesn't seem to fit somehow.

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    Thank's for pointing that out Writeacher. I approve that Ms Sue's classic story is more in the spirit of Christmas, but I'm more in search of a story with a suprising ending. When you read the end, you're like : wow, who would have thought that...

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    Perhaps you could do your own variation of "The Necklace."


    I also thought of a story with a tragic ending -- with the father shopping, stopping for a couple of drinks, and getting himself killed on Christmas Eve. But I don't really like that one.

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    Of course, the rest of the story would be upbeat.

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    A much better classic story for which you could write an adaptation is "The Gift of the Magi."


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    Who would have thought...eheh last week I had a literature exam about ''The Necklace''. Thanks for the good, tragic, idea.
    By curiosity, why would the father kill himself?

    If other people have more ideas, be free to post. Thanks all.

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    A common occurrence -- he has too much to drink and gets in a car accident.

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    Alright thank's!

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    You're welcome. Have fun with your story.

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