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Cumulus clouds have flat bases and lumpy tops. The tops are usually 1 mile above sea level. To find the height in feet of the base of a cumulus cloud, you can use the formula: height = 222 (air temperature - dew-point temperature). The air and dew-point temperatures are in degrees Fahrenheit.

a. Find the height of the base of a cumulus cloud when the air temperature is 80°F and the dew-point temperature is 70°F.
b. Suppose the dew point drops and the air temperature remains constant. What happens to the height of the base of the cloud? Explain.

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    Is there any reason you can't try this on your own? You are given the formula.

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    I have NO time at all. I'm not getting into details. I need the answer immediately please.

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    Well, it appears to me you are answer grazing or taking a test. Sorry. I will be happy to critique your thinking or work, but I am fairly certain you do not want that.

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    It's homework. But I have to be somewhere really soon and I have to have this finished by then. I don't understand this question!

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    b. doesn't require much thinking.
    h=222(constant-variable) so if the variable gets smaller, the ( ) gets larger, so h gets larger (higher).
    a. Simple calculator work. You can also punch in the

    222(80-70) in the google search window and it will do it for you.

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    Ohhh! Thank you!

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