8th Grade Math

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Can you please check my answer?

An American football field is a rectangle 120 yards long (including both end zones) and 53 1/3 yards wide. What is the area of an American football field?

my answer: 6360 square yards

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    You can use www.wolframalpha.com to check your answers:


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    53 * 120 = 6360

    What happened to the third of a yard?

    1/3 * 120 = ?

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    Just type
    120*53 1/3
    into Google search box and you get back
    120 * (53 1/3) = 6 400

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    Is the answer 6396 square yards?

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    Please follow Damon's instructions.

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    write teacher used .3 for 1/3
    it is .33333333...............

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