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What are some additional methods that I could use during my lit course to write about the literature I will be reading?

I need four, but I only could think of two. These are the two I have so far.
1)I have thought about using a reading journal to write down my thoughts and feelings about what I have read. This could be very helpful when trying to remember a particular piece that had effected me in a certain way.
2)I normally always mark pieces of a book where I do not understand something then I look it up afterwards so that I can fully understand what was meant.I also do this with words I do not know the meaning of These are the two I have so far. I cannot think of any more. So I am looking for some more suggestions. Thanks!

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    Reading journals are good.

    Marking (highlighters, post-it notes, etc.) the book is good, too.

    You might also try rewriting sections, especially if you read (for example) an ending you don't care fore. Write a new ending! (or any other chapter or passage in the story)

    Use the ideas here for reading poetry:
    Don't be concerned about writing up explications unless your teacher has assigned that. Use those sites to give you ideas how to read effectively.

  • LIT/210 -

    Thank you very much for the additional information I am certain that this will be useful. Thanks again!

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