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What do you think the difference is between simply an opinion versus an informed opinion?

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    One may show ignorance; the other shows legitimacy.

    What do you think?

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    Love that, Ms. Sue....that is how I would like to answer it, unfortunately she is asking for more examples, and I'm just having a tough time wording it.

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    Think of people you've known or heard about who have uninformed opinions. What did they say or do?

    One example might be the e-mails that go around warning of dire consequences if you do or don't do something. Usually a quick visit to the Internet and a specific rumor-dispelling website will prove the e-mail wrong. (I can't remember the name of that site, but it begins with "s.")

    Check some of these sites.

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    Think of the difference between simply a guess and an estimate based on information.

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    Why is this an important distinction?

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    I took one look at this image on TV the other day, and my first GUESS was that it was the leftover trail from a missile launch from Vandenburg AFB on the central coast of California:

    As you can tell from the article (read it carefully), my guess was wrong and other people's opinions based on data (either data that was there or data that wasn't!) is correct, in my mind. Does anyone know for sure? No. But my guess was off the top of my head; their opinions were based on information.

    Why is that important?

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    Ah, I think I'm understanding...thank you!

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