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I work for a large company. My boss was fired and I get promoted. I must do a power point to address a customer issue. A client was promised 10,000 bolt cups to use in their new truck engines. The parts were received for us to manufacture, but they were flawed. It took 2 months for us to get them. We have 1 month to complete and ship to the client. We can get the new parts recreated and shipped for free, but it will take 6 weeks.
We paid $3.25 ea. plus $1,500 shipping. Our manufacturing cost was $6.28, we are selling them to our client for $8.13, plus $900.00 shipping. How would I do a power point on this?

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    Whatever happened to telling the truth?

    You can't deliver on time, nor

    your cost: 32500+1500=34000 paid
    62800 mfg
    total cost; 96800 or 9.68 each

    can you deliver with making money.
    Frankly, I would consult the client. Can they live with the delivery date? If you have a contract, I would stick to the price and eat the costs, if that customer's future business is valuable.

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    Thanks for the information.

    In the power point presentation that I must deliver to my class, I cannot raise the cost to the customer, yet the company must make a profit. The scenario must be realistic in today's market. I must justify accounting issues such as delays. The presentation must be 10-15 minutes.

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    Ok, I see. My question remains, what ever happened to telling the truth. So go through the class, get the degree, then after graduation, start thinking about that question. Spin is not truth.

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    I agree with Bob. I wonder why an English class would have you do a PPT, not a business letter or a paper or a speech. I wonder why the assignment seems to be encouraging you to be unethical.

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    Thanks Writeacher for responding. Several students expressed the same question.

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