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5th math

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can you draw an isosceles triangle that ia not equilateral?

draw me sclene triangle ?

please !draw me so ,i will get today for my preview .thanks!!!

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    isosceles: Try 10,10,2 . That is not equalateral.

    sclene: Sides unequal. 5, 6, 7

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    you just have to measure the lengths of the sides of the triangle you want to draw. for instance, if isosceles, choose the length of the two sides which must be equal (any length, like 3 cm or 5 cm) using your ruler, then the length of the last side must be different from the first one you chose.
    *remember isosceles = only 2 lengths equal, the last length is different

    scalene triangle = the lengths of the three sides are NOT equal ; they have different lengths
    for instance, if scalene, choose three different lengths, for instance 2, 3 and 4 cm

    so there,, hope this helps~ :)

  • to jai -

    We would appreciate it if you would discontinue the "so there" at the end of your posts. It's flippant and could be interpreted as sarcastic -- definitely NOT appropriate when working with younger students.

    Thank you so much.

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    i'm very sorry, mr. Writeacher!
    i didn't know that, because i'm also a student.
    i promise not to do it again.

  • 5th math -

    Thanks, jai!

    We know your answers are very good, and we hope you'll continue posting good explanations, especially for younger students.

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