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Can someone please help me with these:

3. Dissolving salt in water is a physical change- False?

'Place the letter of the item in Column II before its best match in Column I'

Column 1:
41. Unit of volume
42. unit of mass
43. unit of temperature
44. unit of density
45. .01 of a meter

Column II:
a. grams
b. grams/cm^3
c. Kelvin
d. milli
e. cubic meter
f. centimeter

I've guess for these 3:
41- a/b
42- a/b
43- c
Don't know about the rest. please help.


  • Chemistry -

    Most would agree that dissolving is a physical change.

    YOu missed all the units. You need to restudy the definitions of volume, mass, density, centi

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