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The scarlet letter- amer lit

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I have to write an essay for english here is the topic:

Identify the protagonist: The critic Randal Stewart has this is say about Hester and Dimmesdale:

..."But hester is not the protagonist,the chief actor,and the tragedy of the scarlet letter is not her
tragedy but Arthur's. He is the persecuted on, the tempted on. He it was whom the sorrows of death encompassed...
His public confession is one of the noblest climaxes of tragic literature.."

Respond to Stewart's assertion, agreeing or disagreeing with it. Cite evidence from the novel to support your opinion.

So.. I agree with what he is saying hester is not the protagonist. I think hester delt with the situation of the A really well
But dimmesdale felt the shame and guilt put upon him.

So,I have a little info. But, i was wondering if you guys have any more ideas or main points that i could expand on in my essay.
typed info or a website that talks specifically about this would be great! thanks:)

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