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Hi I have to write an essay that is due on Monday. However, English not being my second language I am having a hard time starting this essay. I don't know where to begin, what information to included ect. Please help me with essay and give me an ideas. Your help is appreciated. I have to incorporate this Anecdote, use the anecdote as my introduction, have to have character, problem solved. Thesis, I have to make an argument or stand, have claim, statics, warrent and qualification. How can I start? Thanks.

Because, of a poor self image my friend Amy wakes up every morning, battling to eat a small meat. She wants to be beanpole like a stick thin. To reach her ultimate goal, each day she imagines being skinny longs to look like the girls on the magazines. Her admiration to be thin peaked at its certainty and Amy’s eating disorder got hold on her; she exercises rapidly, purges and fasts every other day. That is when I infiltrated and decided to inform her Amy about her eating disorder. I could not take seeing my friend being undernourished as emaciated, starved kitten. However, I still persuaded Amy to talk to healthy professional. Day by day Amy gradually improved. She no longer struggles with eating food, her symptoms declined and she strives each day to eat as much as she can.

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    I am not certain what "she strives to eat as much as she can" sounds possibly like an eating disorder.

    I think you ought to focus on Why Image can be a detriment to being confident. See if you can make a thesis out of that.

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    Thanks. Never though of that. Here is the thesis: Not Perceiving one's own body flawlessly dispels their confidences and terminates projecting positive image. It urges one exercise excessively and purge than eaten meal.

    Is this good or should I change?


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