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A force of 23.52 N pushes and pulls to blocks
as shown in the figure below. The vertical
contact surfaces between the two blocks are
frictionless. The contact between the blocks
and the horizontal surface has a coefficient of
friction of 0.29.
The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2
What is the magnitude a of the acceleration
of the blocks?
Answer in units of m/s2

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    You need to include the referenced figure or fully detail it with text.

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    How do I do that?

    the only info missing is the angle is 60 degrees...

    force >
    => block1 block2 /
    force @60deg

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    assuming the force is at some angle downward. Figure the horizontal, and vertical (downward components) The horizontal force is the pushing force, opposing friction and inertial.

    The friction is mu*mg on each block, but on whichever block that there is a downward component of force, it adds to mg to increase friction. So figure friction.

    Net force=m*a

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    We need the mass of each block. We also need to know exactly what you mean by 60 degrees. Is that 60 degrees from vertical, or 60 degrees from horizontal?

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