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12. You’ve created a pie chart in Excel and placed it in a PowerPoint presentation. When
you edit the pie chart in Excel, the pie chart in PowerPoint doesn’t retain the changes
you’ve made. This means that the object has been
A. hyperlinked. C. linked.
B. embedded. D. collaborated.
13. When you point to the bottom right-hand corner of a selected cell containing a formula
until you see a crosshair and drag it three cell to the right, you’re using Excel’s
_______ feature.
A. AutoFormat C. Copy
B. Paste D. Merge and Center
14. Which one of the following is a correctly written Excel formula?
A. =B*C4/2 C. B7>F12=
B. SUM(A5:A22) D. =C4*$G$18
15. You want colors, fonts, and other effects to be carried through all documents you
create in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, and Access; therefore, you need to
create a custom
A. theme. C. layout.
B. AutoFormat. D. template.
16. If you wanted to locate and work with a list of all employees who earned more than
$25 per hour this month as recorded in the payroll worksheet, which one of the
following Excel features should you use?
A. Sort C. Find
B. AutoFilter D. 3-D Cell Reference
17. A table of contents for a report can be generated automatically only if you’ve
formatted your headings using
A. page numbers. C. themes.
B. links. D. styles.
18. To save yourself time so that you don’t have to key in your memo heading each time
you begin a new memo, create a
A. signature. C. Quick

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