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Which pronouns would Alberto Yáñez, a professor from Spain, use to address or talk about the following people? In the spaces provided below, write the most appropriate pronoun. ¡OJO! Remember that Alberto is from Spain, which affects the pronouns he selects in certain situations.

1.Referring to students Alicia and Cristina

2. Talking to Mr. Gutiérrez

3.Referring to his brother Carlos

4.Talking to Mr. and Mrs. Morán

5.Talking to his two sons

6.Referring to himself

7.Talking to his wife

8.Referring to his wife

9. Referring to himself and three friends

10.Talking to his two daughters

can someone help me with these? I chose ellas for one and ella for number 8 can you help.

  1. Jen

    You use yo for I/me, tú for you (informal, as if you're talking to a friend), él when you mean him, ella for her, nosotros for we, ellos for a group of guys/or guys and girls, ellas for a group of girls only, Ud. for you (formal), Uds. for all of you. I will start you off and be glad to check the rest of your answers.
    1. ellas
    2. Ud. (you want to be formal here!)
    3. él
    Note the difference between referring to and talking to someone. Post the rest of your answers to be checked if you wish.

  2. SraJMcGin

    I remember doing the first one for you, but you need to do the rest of them.

    In Spain, talking to 2 girls, a professor would use "vosotras."


  3. Esmeralda


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