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how do you do the accents for the spanish words? and the upside down ? marks and all that good stuff.

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    To answer that for you, I need to know 2 things: 1. do you have a PC or a Mac and 2. do you have Windows or not?

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    How to make accent marks on a computer:

    Spanish accent marks on the computer:


    Things You'll Need:
    Windows computer

    Step 1
Make sure your number lock key is on. Most computers have a little light that lights up to signify the num. lock is on.
    Step 2
While the number lock key is on, hold down the Alt. key and type the code that follows the letter or punctuation you need.
    Step 3
For capital letters:

Ã - 0195
Ñ - 0209
Õ - 0213

Á - 0193
É - 0201
Í - 0205
Ó - 0211
Ú - 0218

Ü - 154
    Step 4
For lower case letters:

ã - 0227
ñ - 0241
õ - 0245

á - 160
é - 130

í - 161
ó - 162
ú - 163

ü - 129
    Step 5
For punctuation, follow the same steps.

¿ - 168

¡ - 173
    Step 6
After you have typed the necessary code release the Alt. key. The letter or punctuation will show on the screen.

    Read more: How to Type Accent Marks On Your Computer |

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    well good directions buuut my computer is retarded and wont go on num lock for some reason... maybe its just me. my computer is a lap top. hp pavilion.

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