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How would you interpret a question asking about "a lesson which provides all students an opportunity to learn about one of the sciences...."?

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    I would interpret it to mean a lesson that uses visuals, hands-on, teacher explanation, and reading. This should cover most of the differences in academic ability and learning styles.

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    I got that part, but I'm wondering what they mean by "learn about one of the sciences.."? Like , "This is biology", of just any general science lesson?

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    I would assume this is for an elementary school class -- and could be a specific biology, physics, or chemistry lesson.

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    It's supposed to be for secondary, which is what makes it not make sense to me. There's a lot more to the question, about types of teaching approaches and lesson adaptation, which is what the question is really about. I guess I'll go with a specific lesson...
    Thank you.
    I always enjoy reading your answers, btw.

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